Every Steel Buys A Meal

Help us end hunger

I get to talk about and make great food everyday. I take it for granted. My kids take it for granted. Unfortunately, there are many other families who don't know when they will get their next meal.

Did you know that Baking Steel contributes proceeds from every Baking Steel sale to The Greater Boston Food Bank? Our mantra is, “every steel buys a meal”. To date, we have helped provide more than 130,000 meals to families and children in the greater Boston area.

Now, I'm not telling you this to celebrate Baking Steel, but instead as a reminder that every little bit counts. There are children in our own backyards who don’t get to eat everyday. I’ll say that again, kids who don’t have food on their tables.

We should all count our blessings and spread some Christmas cheer to those who go without. Find your local food pantry and donate today. Together we can make hunger hurt a little less....

Merry Christmas,


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