Doughnut Holes

donut balls Last week, I was reading a blog post from Modernist Cuisine about their Neapolitan pizza dough recipe.  Toward the bottom of the article, I spotted a picture of doughnut holes. Of course!  Pizza dough would make excellent doughnut holes.  It was time to experiment! Luckily, I had one 5-day old pizza dough sitting in my fridge. To conduct this experiment, I needed expert judges.  My two sons, self-proclaimed doughnut connoisseurs were up to the task.

The experiment was quite simple.  All I needed was a little canola oil, pizza dough, butter, cinnamon and sugar.  Ten minutes later the doughnut holes were served! The verdict?  The boys loved them!  Boom! Double and triple thumbs up...

If you have an extra dough sitting around,  give these a shot for an extra special treat!



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have some fun with this experiment

premade rounds

make some fun shapes

assortment of donut holes



1 Pizza Dough

Canola Oil

Cane Sugar

Ground Cinnamon

Melted Butter


1 Make 1 inch rounds with the pizza dough and leave aside

2 heat up canola oil in a sauté pan.  cover the bottom of the pan.

3 when the oil is hot, lightly brown all sides of the dough and set aside

4 melt butter

5 combine sugar with cinnamon and whisk together

6 submerge donuts in the melted butter

7 dip into the sugar mixture





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