Delivering a Baking Steel

delivering a baking steel
delivering a baking steel

Here I am, at Gillette Stadium, delivering a Baking Steel, a mere 48-hours before Sunday's big game.

Did Belichick call for back up?

Alright, maybe Bill didn't call me but I was just steps from the stadium, over at Davio's Restaurant in Patriots Place.  I could feel the energy building up before the big game.

Steve DiFillippo is a celebrity restaurateur and the owner of Davio's restaurant group, which has locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chestnut Hill, Lynnfield, New York, Philadelphia and Foxborough. A few months ago, while dinning at his Back Bay location, a mutual friend introduced us and I had the fortunate opportunity to tell Steve about the Baking Steel.

A few days later, I delivered a Baking Steel to Steve, for Rodney Murillo, Davio's Culinary Director. Rodney experimented with the steel for a few hours. After a few email exchanges, I was back at the Boston restaurant, except this time I was in the kitchen, installing a custom sized Baking Steel.  We are talking monster steel!  We were lining the deck of their Blodgett oven with steel.


I returned a few days later to see how the steel was working.  I ordered a pizza off the impressive menu. Simply outstanding! The pizzas were great before, but the steel took them to another level.  So much so, that Steve and Rodney decided we should outfit all of their restaurants ovens.

Davio's is on my short list of favorite spots in Boston for dinner-great ambiance, locally-sourced ingredients, fresh pasta's, out of his world steaks, and now pizzas baked to perfection! If you live in or are visiting the area, it's definitely worth the visit!  Here's a tip…the chocolate cake is out of this world!

As of yesterday, the Baking Steel had found a home in two of Davio's locations. To be continued...

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