Delicious Egg Sandwich Inspired by Flour Bakery

  egg-bacon-tomato-focaccia-sandwich-20One of my favorite food spots in Boston is Flour Bakery.  Without a doubt, anytime I'm heading into Boston my wife asks me to stop in and pick up some pastries.  What she doesn't know is that I devour a few on my ride home.  Last spring, I got in contact with Joanne Chang and asked if she may want give our Baking Steel a test in one of her locations.  I was really looking for an excuse to load up on her tasty treats.  In particular, her amazing and delicious egg sandwich.

While Lance and I were waiting to meet with Executive Chef Corey Johnson, we decided to enjoy a little breakfast.  We each ordered Flour Bakery's famous Egg sandwiches. Let me tell you, this was a special treat.  Their secret is the focaccia bread, which is then topped with a deadly combination of egg and local fresh ingredients.  This got us to thinking, why not try and replicate this on the Baking Steel.  It is hard to replicate perfection, but let's give it our best shot.

First where going to need to put together the focaccia bread.   I used Jim Lahey's no knead pizza dough.  We are going to change the bake time, oven temp and portion size. After you have made the dough, we will portion the dough into 100 Gram balls.

Once you have made the balls, it's time to bake.  I place about 4 of these onto lightly oiled parchment paper.  I like to paint a little olive oil on top to help promote browning.

Bake directly on the Baking Steel for 25 minutes at 375f.   Keep a close eye on these, you will know they are done when they make a hollow sound by knocking on the bottom.

focaccia right out of the oven

Remember to take photos along the way.


We are ready to put our sandwich together.   Here is what you'll need.  (But don't be afraid to use your favorite ingredients).

One Egg

Fresh Arugula

Mustard (I used Maille Old Style Grained Dijon)

Bacon (I used Smoked Applewood)

Fresh Tomato

Baby Swiss Cheese


slicing tomato

layer the ingredients

Layer all the fresh ingredients on your sliced focaccia. My favorite ingredient is the bacon and perfectly fried egg.  I like my egg yolk a little soupy, messy but delicious.

Remember when you are in Boston, make sure you stop by Flour Bakery to try one of these delicious gems.  I promise you won't be dissapointed.  And you may want to check out Joanne's new book, Flour too.



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I love the gooey egg yolk.

Sliced and ready


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