Yes, We Can Customize Your Baking Steel!

Posted By: Nicole Weiler It’s been a busy summer for us over at Baking Steel and we have you–our loyal and enthusiastic customers–to thank!  Whether you used the Baking Steel to grill out on Father’s Day, or created a pizza on The Big! large enough to satisfy the whole family’s appetite, we've enjoyed hearing about each one of your experiences. Keep 'em coming!

Our three Baking Steel products are flying off the shelves, but we have received some questions about whether or not we can customize a Baking Steel for your specific needs. The answer, quite simply, is yes!

Steel in Wolf 36 inch oven
Steel in Wolf 36 inch oven

Have a Big Green Egg? Let us cut a round Steel for you! Or maybe you'd like to cook two pizzas at once on a massive Steel in your Wolf or Viking oven. We can do that. If you're a caterer and use one of those beautiful Rational Combi Ovens, we can fit a Baking Steel right onto your shelves. We can even engrave! (Hint: That's a perfect wedding gift idea.) In any case, we're able to accommodate any of your Baking Steel dreams!

But before you go ordering the world’s largest Baking Steel, we do have a few suggestions for you to keep in mind:


1. Allow for 1-2 inches of air space on all sides of your steel.

In order to create the optimum level of airflow, you'll want to make sure your Steel has enough breathing room on all sides.

2. Consider the weight of some of your custom masterpieces.

After all, we are working with steel! Regular cleaning is a must, so you'll want to be able to lift and remove your Steel from the oven easily.

3. Keep the thickness between 1/4- to a 1/2-inch.

Again, more steel equals more weight, so you'll want to keep in mind the weight. (Our original 1/4" Baking Steel weighs in at 15 lbs. ... it's not a lightweight!)

For the time being, you can get your Baking Steel customized by placing your order with us directly. Use this contact form, or call us at 781.826.6496. We're so glad we can give you the opportunity to create the crust you crave on a Baking Steel customized just for you!

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