Easy Way To Clean Your Baking Steel

If cared for properly, your Baking Steel is going to last you a lifetime!  One of the most incredible attributes of the Baking Steel, is that it cleans easily.  It does require some effort, but the reward of it being a lifelong kitchen staple, makes it worth the small investment of your time.  Contrary to popular belief, DO NOT be afraid of using mild soap and water.  As long as you thoroughly dry your Baking Steel whenever it gets wet, it won’t be a problem!  But I don't mean air dry.  Take a cloth or paper towel and do your best to remove any and all moisture immediately after it takes a shower in the sink.  

To keep feeling the love for and from your Baking Steel, take a peek at our short “care” video to get you started.  

Don’t have time for the video?  Here are the steps I take the day after I use my Baking Steel:  

1. Remove from oven the day after. Never move a hot Baking Steel, no exceptions.

2. Place Baking Steel in your sink and scrape clean with a bench scraper.  Do not be afraid of damaging your Steel unless you are Superman.


3. Squirt a little bit of soap over the surface and wipe clean with the back side of a sponge.  Rinse.

4. Any trouble areas persist, like sticky residue grab our cleaning brick and lightly scour the area clean.  Rinse.

5. Now you must dry your Baking Steel thoroughly.  Use a towel or paper towel get that thing dry.  After it's dry, wipe a little bit of olive oil, flax oil, canola you get the picture all over the surface.  Paint it on lightly.  Then place back in your oven for use.  

Any questions, please reach out to me Andris@bakingsteel.com





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