Cheesy Breakfast Tacos

cheesy breakfast tacos

Wouldn't you love to eat breakfast tacos without the carbs from the tortilla? Well you are in luck my friend. Coming to you live from the Baking Steel Test Kitchen, very cheesy breakfast tacos. Ok, so not exactly the healthiest alternative, but really cool! 

We took our favorite Fontina cheese and went to town on our Baking Steel Griddle. Crisped them up, scrambled some eggs and make a quick Brussels sprouts slaw. Yum! Don't forget your favorite hot sauce too! Our's is Green Chile Salsa.

shredded fontina on the Griddle

Cheesy Breakfast Tacoa ( makes 6-5" tacos)

12 oz fontina cheese, grated

3 eggs, scrambled

4 oz, brussel sprouts, shaved

1 jimmy nardello chile, sliced

2 oz cider vinegar

1 oz olive oil

6 oz green chile sauce

cheesy tacos with scrambled eggs


1. For the cheese shells, heat Baking Steel Griddle to medium-high heat and sprinkle 2 oz in a circle-ish form on the griddle.

2. Toss brussels and chiles in vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.

3. Flip cheese once light brown and finish cooking (1 minute). Remove.

4. Preferably with two spatulas, work scrambled eggs back and forth until fluffy. Remove from griddle.

Assembly from bottom to top: cheese shell, egg, slaw, green chile sauce, drool.

brussel sprout slaw
cheesy breakfast tacos
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