A Dreamy Sunday Morning Breakfast Pizza

breakfast pizza

Want a breakfast that's easy like Sunday morning?  Try this dreamy breakfast pizza.  Think potatoes, bacon, eggs, peppers and cheese.  Or whatever else you have leftover in your fridge.  Throw everything on top.  Pour yourself a big cup of joe and chill!  Today is your day...  

Happy Sunday...

Breakfast Pizza


1 pizza dough

3 Strips of bacon, raw

3 small potatoes, sliced thin

1 small pepper, sliced into rings

a handful of fresh parsley, chopped

2 oz fresh mozzarella

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

mis en place
potato slices


1. Preheat your Baking Steel at 500 F on the top rack of your oven.

2. Stretch or roll out your dough to a 12-inch round, place on your pizza peel.  Be sure to lightly dust that peel with flour first.

3. Switch your oven to broil, and carefully place cheese, bacon, peppers and potatoes on top.  Launch onto your Baking Steel.  Cook for 2 minutes.  Meanwhile, crack two eggs in a bowl and set aside.

4. After 2 minutes, open oven and rotate pizza 180 degrees.  Carefully pour eggs on top of pizza. Close oven and switch back to bake, or convection bake if available.  Cook for 2 more minutes, until eggs have set.  Remove.

5. Place chopped parsley over the top, slice and serve.


breakfast pizza before the launch
out of the oven, breakfast pizza
Baking Steel Breakfast Pizza





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