Boston Winery and Making Pizza

Boston Winery and the Baking Steel

We are so thrilled to have teamed up with Boston Winery.  We stopped by earlier this week for a visit, and we brought pizza dough's. This amazing facility is not only rustic and beautiful, it's furnished with a small open kitchen with killer pizza oven's.  Come join us on April 22nd for an open house (from 3 - 8PM) We'll be slinging pizza while the Boston Winery will give you a taste of some of their favorite wines. It will be an epic evening....

Our interview with Boston Winery.

Can you tell us how Boston Winery started?

Boston Winery started for two reasons: to have access to great Californian, Italian, and Chilean wine without having any added preservatives, sulfites, or colors.  We have a Farmers Winery License and the wine doesn't leave the state of Massachusetts, therefore, the FDA doesn't need to regulate or control sulfite levels.  Secondly, we wanted to carry on the winemaking tradition as it was done in the  past; as a group with family and friends. We are a wine Co-op and most of the "work" is done by this program; where you can come in and go through the year long process of making it with us, your friends, family, coworkers, etc..  

Do you actually crush grapes in Boston?

The only thing we don't do is cultivate. Our grapes are hand harvested and come in whole, fresh, still on the vine.  In as little as 4 days from California we receive our fruit. In essence, we are a California Winery right here in Boston.  We are not doing anything different than, say we were in Napa, the grapes just travel a bit further from the vine to winery.

What wine pairs well with pizza?

Any Boston Winery wine you have on hand is great with pizza!  But, really there are so many different styles of pizzas and toppings and so many varietals of wines, my suggestion for a pairing would be reach for what you like. Personally, a simple Margherita pizza with a medium bodied California Cabernet will do!

Boston Winery

Can anyone visit Boston Winery for tastings and a tour?

Our winery is available most days to visit, take a look at the facilities, and buy wines at the store.  We always have some wine available to taste. Our busiest day being Saturdays, on which we conduct extensive tours and tastings.

Is your wine available at any local restaurants or wine shops?

Our wines are available in over 80 locations throughout Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts.  The website has a map that can guide you towards your nearest retailer or restaurant.

Do you teach the art of wine making?

We do teach at the winery.  Our barrel program helps educate a winemaker at level and we conduct classes regularly with the help of Jonathon Alsop and his team at Boston Wine School. 

Boston Winery

How many wines do you produce?

We take in over 16 different varietals and with our specific blends we are carrying over 30 different types of wines.

What is your immediate response to everyones thought of "oh...Boston Winery, hope they aren't using the Charles River?"

There are many obstacles we deal with at "Boston Winery".   Most, when they hear, "Boston Winery", it's assumed the grapes are local or even from Dorchester!  People most often associate a winery with a vineyard, that the grapes are grown "out-back".  And, for most people that image of Boston grapes doesn't translate into  "good wine".  It's a perception that we are trying to change and urban wineries like ours are becoming very popular and producing high quality wines.  For now, we taste and educate and let people know if you want to visit a little piece of Tuscany or Sonoma come see us on Saturday, you won't need a Passport or plane ticket!

Boston Winery and Pizza

Ok, last question.  How did you hear about Baking Steel?

We saw this segment on Chronicle.  We just had to team up with these guys.  

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