Best of Baking Steel: Week 7

What a week of Baking Steel creations. You guys are rocking it. We continue to be blown away by all of you.  We love all this inspiration, thanks guys.  

What an assortment, breakfast, lunch and dinner are all covered!

Remember to post your Baking Steel creations to our Facebook page, or use our #BakingSteel hashtag on Twitter and Instagram for a chance to be featured on our Baking Steel Blog.  


ramp green pesto

A ramp green pesto and burrata pizza by @alexandracooks


pepperoni pizza

Pepperoni pizza sticks by @thepreppyhostess.



Loving this creation by @juliegleason, I want one of those big slices.


deep dish

Chicago deep dish with spinach, garlic and sausage by @sd_goodeats



and then there was bagels baked on her Baking Steel, by Jennie Schacht.


Tandori bread by @spiceroots


Craig Hastings was bringing it this week with his trio of biscuits, this one Canadian bacon and egg.  @freshchefcraig

fresh ricotta and sausage pizza

and a little sausage and fresh ricotta pizza by yours truly, made on my Baking Steel.  @andrislagsdin

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