Best of Baking Steel: Week 6

Another great week for the #BakingSteel hashtag! From breakfast pizza's, to chocolate chip cookies...and everything in between!

Post your Baking Steel creations to our Facebook page, or use our #BakingSteel hashtag on Twitter and Instagram! 




Above, @BrynAshley enjoys a slice of Breakfast pie, topped with artichokes and an egg! 

We'll take a slice @DennisThePrescott 

Another gorgeous Baking Steel creation from @hautesucre! A mini pie topped with sweet roasted tomatoes, cured greek olives, cherry peppers, onions, jalapeños and fresh basil.

@Wee_Eats used her Baking Steel to bake this beauty in 6 minutes! A whole wheat crust topped with meatballs and basil....

Made on the Baking Steel and topped with broccolini & sausage. Beautiful work, @zooeric!

When using sheet trays, sometimes the centers can be too soft but the Steel allowed for the perfect distribution of heat. There was a beautiful crumb, and still, a chewy center. We had an amazing day testing chocolate chip cookie methods with @SadieMaesCC


Our Facebook friend Luke, posted his latest creation on our page. We love it! Pepperoni with freshly picked Missouri morel mushrooms..


Via Twitter, @eatingisthehardpart had our mouths watering with this Baking Steel pie!

Paul shows us how to turn a failed launch into a Baking Steel masterpiece! 

Prosciutto, sun dried figs, goat cheese and shaved asparagus. Nice work, Barry!

Last but not least, a half rye-half wheat flour (with dark beer as a leavening agent) Baking Steel creation from @AirCanada881 

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