Best of Baking Steel: Week 32 & 33


Let's get one thing's never too early for pizza. Yes, it may be Monday morning, and yes you may have a bagel or a plate of eggs in front of you but that doesn't mean you won't find yourself craving a slice or two, especially after checking out this week's Best of Baking Steel list. 

A quick recap of last week on the blog, it was "Turkey Takeover" week, during which Chef Craig delivered daily Thanksgiving related recipes to our blog. Needless to say, he nailed it. From roasting a turkey on the Baking Steel to the perfect pumpkin-pecan pie, Chef Craig served up a killer lineup for your holiday feasts. 

While we were celebrating like Pilgrims and Indians, you guys were posting and hash-tagging like champs. Check out what's been happening on the #BakingSteel hashtag below...

@FarrahsKitchen celebrated #NationalPizzaDay with a killer homemade pie off the #BakingSteel. 

A pepperoni, bell peppers, onions and olive pizza from @SavoringTraditions. Using Jim Lahey's no knead dough & the power of the Baking Steel, Yvonne hit a home run with this beauty. 

Over on the @BakingSteel Instagram, we showed off the best way to cook your turkey this holiday season, roasted on the Baking Steel.

Bartlett pear with cinnamon cardamom honey butter on Einkorn crust. A #BakingSteel creation from @MinsKitchen

Bacon, egg, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, the perfect size pie, hot off the Baking Steel from @Unclehandmade

Turkey slab pie, browned to perfection on the Baking Steel. Un-be-lieve-able flavor. 


Last but certainly not least, "neither delivery nor di giorno. Or, if you've got dough, you'll always be rich." Well said, @dailywaffle, well said.

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