Best of Baking Steel: Week 31


Happy November! I'm sure you would agree that the weeks seem to be flying by and the holiday season is fast approaching. We are gearing up with some really great recipes for you guys, Chef Craig is in the Test Kitchen daily, curating a seriously impressive menu. We'll be updating our blog every week with 2-3 recipes for you guys to try out, so don't forget to check back! And of course, we pose the challenge...for anyone who uses a recipe found on our blog, take a picture of the final product, throw it on Instagram and use the #BakingSteel hashtag. Show us what you got and we'll re-gram your shots on the @BakingSteel feed! 

Now let's get to it, cue the stomach growls.....

Shortcake biscuits, inspiried by King Arthur Flour & made directly on the #Baking Steel (from @wakeupcooking). Throw on some strawberries and cream for a killer dessert, or add a little jam and turn these into a breakfast treat! 

Now that's what we're talking about! Philly cheese steaks on the Baking Steel Griddle...mouth won't stop watering. Thanks for sharing this shot @medbear20

Happy Halloween! Jack-o-lantern hand pies from @llags14. Cranberry filling credit goes to our Culinary Director, @freshchefcraig ;)

A potato, bacon & roasted garlic Baking Steel pie from @justingwood. Gorgeous. 

@BakingSteel came up with a modern day solution to keep the vampires away this past weekend....garlic pizza. The full recipe is over on our blog! 

An apple pie with a crumble topping. Baked on the Baking Steel for an even cook and beautiful browning. Beautiful run, @nbedardphotog!

Last, but definitely not least..."Thin and crispy crust made with a naturally leavened spelt/bread flour dough. Sauce made with San Marzano tomatoes, herbs, salt and garlic. Multi colored peppers and onions caramelized in fat from naturally cured bacon. Fresh mozzarella. After baking a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil." Thank you @savoringtraditions for sharing another one of your seriously beautiful Baking Steel creations! 

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