Best of Baking Steel: Week 28 & 29


With two weeks worth of #BakingSteel creations...we have a list packed with serious heat for you on this Monday morning! The Best of Baking Steel is at it again.....

Green tomato and basil Gouda from our friend @pigsonbbq! If you check out Richarads feed, you will see some awesome examples of grilled pizza, using the Baking Steel! 

Chicken Parmesan, the right way....also known as the Baking Steel way

A beautiful thick slice of homemade focaccia, topped with tomato sauce, Parmesan, caramelized onions, green pepper, prosciutto and a runny egg. Made on the Baking Steel by @jaxler12

Our friends over at @CabotCheese joined in on the #BakingSteel hashtag fun! A King Arthur Flour, Cabot Cheese, Baking Steel crossover! 

Basil pesto pizza (featuring the Baking Steel) and a nice allagash tripel to wash it down! The dream team. Thank you @ribs177 for sharing this with us! 

Dough & Co egg-less chocolate chip cookies from @llags14. Made on the Baking Steel for an even cook and perfect chew! 

Last week on the blog, Chef Craig, posted about these mouth watering diner style hashbrowns cooked to perfection on the Baking Steel Griddle.

Tomato sauce, chicken, jalapenos, bell pepper, fajita spice, oregano & mozzarella...@irrbloss has the perfect combo down for his latest creation off the Baking Steel!

When he's not in the Test Kitchen cranking out pizzas, he's in home kitchen cranking up the Griddle heat! A tuscan bread, fresh mozzarella, vine tomatoes creation, hot off the Baking Steel Griddle from @Andrislagsdin

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