Best of Baking Steel: Week 26

Fall is here, Griddles are shipping, Life is good. Following the #bakingsteel hashtag is great right now. Seeing what all of you are doing is very inspirational! We had ourselves a week here too! Follow along (@Bakingsteel)

@fischgrape had himself a pizza night to remember, or maybe not? Look at this crust. Just beautiful. Hope you had a nice glass of wine with it.

This is just too good not to capture. @gritstwoways is apparently loving their new Baking Steel Griddle. How could you not with these results?!?!

Sometimes pizza just needs to be #instantcalzone. For @julieegleason, she planned this one and it rocks!

The definition of Fall. Pumpkin and fennel seed rolls from @br.murray. Wanting to snuggle up next to a dozen of these.

@melinasooet was able to catch the end of summer/beginning of fall in this crisp flatbread. Just beautiful.

Oh yeah! Baking Steel Crew hung out on the set of @mingtsai's new season of Simply Ming with one of the greats, @mariobatali. Great day seeing them put our Baking Steel Griddle to work. Awesome week guys. Keep Cooking! #bakingsteel

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