Best of Baking Steel: Week 25


Last week was a crazy one for Baking Steel! We had Andris out in Seattle on Baking Steel business, Chef Craig was down in Nashville reppin' us at the Food and Wine Festival and Caitlin was at the office, getting an early start on the highly anticipated Baking Steel Griddle shipments! 

All while, you guys were killin' it with the #BakingSteel hashtag. Seriously, killing the guys are seriously talented. Let's take a look at the Best of Baking Steel (week 25)....



@Blumie625, you've done it again. Rachel, the editor of Eater Boston, has left us with a clear definition of food envy. 


@matthewjamesduffy, Sous Chef at the Four Seasons in Toronto, celebrated Rosh Hashanah with a load of Challah, made on his very own Baking Steel. 


@BakingSteel, (hey, that's us!), debated the correct term for this sandwich. Why call it a Grilled Cheese when it was made on our Griddle? So here it is, our Griddle-d Cheese


@jaxler12, shared his naturally leavened, sourdough loaf with us via the #BakingSteel hashtag. Seriously, the Baking Steel is a game changer when it comes to bread baking. Just ask Josh.


@fresh22168, aka Manny, whipped up some fresh basil pesto, took his dough to the Baking Steel and boom...what a beauty.


Mrs. Baking Steel, aka @llags14, gave Andris and Chef Craig a run for their money with these Thug Kitchen roasted chickpea & broccoli burritos. 


Last but, not least, we have a prosciutto pie, straight out of the Baking Steel Test Kitchen. It doesn't get much better than this....

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