Best of Baking Steel: Week 22

No introduction needed, let's dive right in.....

First pizza, then the Baking Steel Griddle helps create just about anything. @Andrislagsdin, Baking Steel founder, shares his latest and greatest creation with us. 

Pepperoni & shredded mozzarella. @Pigsonbbq hit a home run with his latest Baking Steel beauty.

Over on the , Baking Steel blog, Chef Craig shares with us this kale and Myer lemon pizza recipe. A knockout. 

Whatsup @FreshChefCraig?! Baking Steel's Culinary Director shows off his skill with this pepperoni pie (using Whole Foods pepperoni).

@llags14 rocked the BBQ (with the help of her Baking Steel) using a killer Thug Kitchen recipe, roasted potato salad with fresh herbs! 

With the eggs and tomatoes cooked in the bacon really can't go wrong! Thanks to @AndrisLagsdin for sharing another great use of his Baking Steel Griddle

We saved the best for last, chocolate chip cookies on the #BakingSteel turned into the best damn ice cream sandwich you'll ever taste! 

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