Best of Baking Steel: Week 2

The Best of Baking Steel is back for another week! Thank you for sharing all of your inspiring and beautiful photos with us :) Check out this week's Best of Baking Steel below....

Keep posting your photos to our Facebook page & using the #BakingSteel hashtag on Instagram and Twitter! You may see your creation on next week's Best of Baking Steel list ;)

First up this week, we have Dennis'  buffalo mozzarella & basil pizza, made on his Baking Steel. We love the simplicity of this pie.  (@dennistheprescott)

Instagram user, ilovepizzayo, recently posted this chili and carrot Baking Steel pizza. Two thumps up for creativity! (ilovepizzayo)

Sourdough bread, made on the Baking Steel. If you haven't used the Baking Steel for bread baking....your missing out. (@twoofakindcooks)

Don't be deceived, this is not delivery...its Baking Steel! Our friends at Pizza A Casa in New York City used their Baking Steel to cook these gorgeous pies. Are you drooling yet? (@pizzaschool)

Green pepper & onion...what's not to love?  (@thefauxmartha)

Biscuits on the Baking Steel....brilliant. (jimegc)

Fennel salami, criminis, dry mozzarella and Gruyere... cooked to perfection on the Baking Steel!  (@dailywaffle)

Naan made on the Baking Steel. So simply yet so good. What would you pair this with? (@onevanillabean)

Place your pie plate directly on the Baking Steel like Cindy did. The Baking Steel will help brown the crust, ultimately bringing your pie game to the next level!

Another amazing bread shot from Jocelyn...thank you for sharing! 

Thank you to Jil for sharing! Pizza, bread & beer...sounds pretty good to us! 

Thank you for all of your inspiring posts this week! Check back next Monday to see if you made the list ;)

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