Best of Baking Steel: Week 14 & 15

Remember to share your Baking Steel creations by tagging #bakingsteel for a chance to be to become a Star...

Some seriously killer stuff the past few weeks, we can't get enough....

Emily Tylman, of Food and Wine Magazine, took the Baking Steel Griddle for a test drive and blew us all away with this gorgeous margherita pie! Can't wait to see what else Emily has in store! 

A berry galette from Andris Lagsdin, made directly on the Baking Steel (w/ parchment) for a superior, crispy crust! 

Chef Asima Arora has yet again given us some serious inspiration with her gorgeous Baking Steel pie. Fresh mozzarella, hot red chilies, mushrooms, sweet black figs and goat’s chèvre...

Michelle, also known as @dailywaffle, hit yet another home run with this Baking Steel creation. A veggie deluxe, with the crispiest crust!

@Teesaandtaffeta used the #BakingSteel hashtag to share with us her colorful, summertime pie. We can't get enough of this one!

If you follow our @BakingSteel account on Instagram, there is no way you could have missed these Thug Kitchen Pancakes. Trust us, these are a must make. Check out the recipe over on our blog.

Top Chef Master, Suvir Saran, used the Baking Steel for his thin crust pie. Sweet corn, raw red onion, sliced green chile and cilantro....the perfect summer recipe! Thanks for sharing, Chef!

Sourdough chicken pesto pizza with feta, sun gold tomatoes, and Fresno chile slices, hot off the Baking Steel. A+ job, @pinchmysalt

@ElizRoyer brought the heat with her latest Baking Steel creation. The colors are so beautiful and the crust looks off-the-charts-good!

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