Best of Baking Steel: Week 13

Here we are, week 13 of the Best of Baking Steel, still going strong. Thank you to everyone who used the #BakingSteel hashtag to share your beautiful photos with us. 


Check out what's new this week....

How about these eggless, nut-free, whoopie pies made on the #BakingSteel by @llags14...are you drooling yet?

Made with Turkish sausage, whole milk mozzarella, fresh oregano, grated Grana Padano, and sliced Serrano peppers, @muslimeater cooked this beauty in just 5 minutes thanks to the power of the #BakingSteel! 

We love the colors and shape! Thank you @mariannes_view for sharing your masterpiece! 

@ilovepizzayo, never fails us! This #BakingSteel creation was topped with carrots and red pepper. A beautiful out-of-the-box pie! 

Last week, we blogged about this fresh baguette and seared beef sandwich. Check out the full recipe over on our blog

The @dailywaffle, posted this pancetta, haloumi and fig masterpiece to her Instagram page. Another #BakingSteel pie from Michelle, that has us reaching for a slice! 

@andrislagsdin has officially perfected his English Muffin recipe. Stay tuned for the full recipe, coming to our blog soon! 

@pigsonbbq shared with us his, thin crust, salami, portabella and mozzarella #BakingSteel pie. Perfection. 

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