Best of Baking Steel: Week 12

So many gorgeous pizzas blowing up the #BakingSteel hashtag. You guys are killin' it! Keep them coming!!

Check out these Baking Steel beauties from across the country....

A rustic margherita from @odetovine! Talk about love at first sight.....

We piled 20 drumsticks onto the Baking Steel Griddle for a fast, even cook. The results had us drooling. Head over to our blog to read more!

@samsgoodmeats really knows how to deliver. This Baking Steel creation was described by Sam as,whole wheat, white pizza with broccoli, fennel, cashew pesto, fresh mozzarella, and salt and pepper. 

Above, @Kimberlee shows us her first summer squash galette of the season. The Baking Steel helps promote browning and can offer the bottom crust that crisp you've been searching for...

@julieegleason admits that she dropped her first version on the floor before getting it into the happens to the best of us! Good thing the second attempt came out better than ever...gorgeous! 

This week, over on the Baking Steel blog, Chef Craig & Andris put together this beautiful, savory galette. Using farm fresh, summer vegetables, this was not only healthy and delicious but it had a textured crust thanks to the power of the Baking Steel! 

@br.murray showed off his serious bread making skills with this gorgeous sourdough masterpiece! 

@Seancribbs used the #BakingSteel hashtag to share with us this kale and artichoke pie made on the Baking Steel. Sean, anytime you want to invite us over for pizza night...we'll be there! 

Shout out to Chef Craig! After killing it in the test kitchen this past Friday, Craig threw together one last pie for us. Blown away. It was the perfect summertime pie. 

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