Best of Baking Steel: Week 11

This week, we have another incredible list of Baking Steel creations, posted by all of you! Keep up the good work and continue to show off your skill by using our #BakingSteel hashtag on Twitter & Instagram! 

From a zucchini galette, to donuts to a tuna sear....the Baking Steel really can do it all....

A zucchini and ricotta galette from @jeanmargaret. Recipe adapted from the Smitten Kitchen blog, the Baking Steel was used to offer a crisp crust. This is so beautiful, how bad do you want a slice?!

A simple margherita from @AndrisLagsdin, another beauty out of the Baking Steel test kitchen!

Using 00 flour, san marzano tomatoes, and of course, the Baking Steel, @jtommerup, brought pizza night to the next level. 

East meets West: farm fresh vegetables, gorgeous in color and taste. You can find the recipe on our blog!

Whole grain, whole wheat, home milled, sourdough bread made on the Baking Steel by @foreverinflour

Last Monday was National Donut Day, so how could we resist?! Made on the Baking Steel and dipped in sugar and cinnamon, these were out-of-this-world good! 

Garlic white sauce, and prosciutto pizza! This crispy, charred beauty was made on the Baking Steel by @craigjones_grillmayor.  

An incredible sear. We used our Baking Steel Griddle to sear a piece of sushi quality tuna...10 seconds on each side was all it took. Learn more over on our blog!

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