Best of Baking Steel: Week 10

Since launching the Griddle last week, we have been moving 100 mph trying to keep up with all the excitement it has brought & we couldn't be happier to do so! The Griddle opens up the Baking Steel menu and allows for endless possibilities. It will bring the Best of Baking Steel to the next level. Crazy inspiring stuff. 

Thank you all for using the #BakingSteel hashtag this past week, we love seeing what you are able to come up with! Let's get started....

A farm fresh pie hot off of the Baking Steel from Chef Craig & Andris. Topped with pesto, radish and ricotta, you can find the full recipe on our blog

One way to ensure you make it on our Best of Baking Steel list....incorporate us into your proposal ;) .....but in all seriousness, a HUGE congratulations to Rachael and her fiance. We wish you many years of health, happiness, and pizza making! 

Former Top Chef Winner (season 1), Harold Dieterle, used our  Baking Steel to create this gorgeous breakfast pizza.

Last night, Elizroyer impressed us with this gorgeous Sunday night post. The colors on this Baking Steel creation are eye catching. 

The Griddle has made its debut! This 14"x18" beauty gives us enough surface area to cook our entire meal at once. Fry, sizzle, crisp and sear faster & better than ever before. "...with a grease channel that converts the Baking Steel into the world's best consumer cooking surface." -Kenji Lopez-Alt.

The very talented, Hautesucre, posted her curried butternut squash & carrot soup which was paired with a freshly baked loaf of Baking Steel bread.

@pizzeriarustica created this masterpiece in a convection oven with the help & power of the Baking Steel. 

Our Twitter friend, PierinaMariacreated this kale, pancetta goddess, with inspiration from The Pizza Bible and the power of the Baking Steel! 


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