Baking Steels are in the Mail!

Head to the market and stock up on your favorite pizza dough ingredients - the Steels are in the mail!  We've been hard at work these past few weeks fulfilling all of our Baking Steel first production run orders for our loyal Kickstarter investors.  We've shipped more than 300 steels so far - all September orders have shipped!  We have just shy of 200 Kickstarter orders left to ship.  Our entire office has been transformed into production plant, packaging line and shipping dock.  Who knew when we started this endeavor that a small kitchen tool would become such a presence in our lives and workspace so quickly!  Our goal is to ship the remaining Kickstarter Baking Steels in the next week, then we'll move onto our pre-orders.  All orders will be shipped in October!  

Remember to share the love and post your pictures/baking steel stories to  

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