Baking Steel Welcomes Chef Craig Hastings


Join us in welcoming, the newest addition to the Baking Steel team, Chef Craig Hastings! With an impressive resume and a serious skill set, Chef Craig is ready to bring some serious heat to the Baking Steel test kitchen! As part of his new venture, Craig will be helping us curate and develop new recipes and methods which in turn, we promise to share with all of you.  

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 2009, Craig worked as a Premium Sous Chef for Petco Stadium, where he was in charge of premium dinning, including management of all 17 kitchens. From there, Craig was recruited to open the Green Dragon Tavern in Carlsbad, CA. Most recently, after moving back to his home state of Massachusetts, Craig could be found at The Kirkland Tap and Trotter working under James Beard Award winning Chef, Tony Maws.


To get to know Craig a little better, we thought we’d lay down a tough interrogation…

How did you hear about the Baking Steel?

“My barber. He told me that I have to meet this crazy guy, Andris. He told me, 'you two are my two food clients, you two should meet up and talk'.”

Best pizza you’ve ever had?

“Made by my mentor and Chef from school, a simple margherita.”

 What is your food philosophy?

“Half, cook what people want- half, let the ingredients speak for themselves. When you make something and see someone eat it, and they smile…that’s huge.”

Favorite music when cooking?

“I was the music guy at work. It depends on what I’m physically prepping at the time. I have music for whatever I’m making, but in general, I’ll say Billy Joel.”

Outside the kitchen, how do you spend your spare time?

“Hanging out with my wife and daughter, gardening, golfing and drinking wine.”

All-time favorite movie?

Ratatouille, I watch that at least once a week.”


You can email for any food related questions or

Follow Chef Craig on Instagram for his latest creations:  freshchefcraig

Chef Craig
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