Baking Steel: Tasty Steak and Eggs

Tasty Steak and Eggs on the Baking Steel Mini

Each week, toward the end of our pizza class, we fire up the Baking Steel Mini and toss a Flank steak on top.  As we are winding down, we slice the steak up and share with all of our students.  They are always blown away by the taste and the simplicity.  A common question is, "how did you season the steak?" The answer is simple, salt and pepper.  The Mini is about 450F when we toss on the flank.  We sear it for about two and a half minutes per side, remove it and let it rest for 10 minutes.  That's it! 

So for breakfast today, to that same tasty flank steak, I'm adding some crazy good, spring asparagus harvested fresh from Langwater Farm this week.  After searing off the steak and asparagus, I turned down the heat of the Mini and fried an egg to complete my breakfast treat.  You need this in your life....Happy Tuesday! 

And if you want to see any of this in action, #addme on Snapchat : @andrislagsdin



Steak and egg mis en place
Searing the flank on the Mini Baking Steel
Tasty Steak and Egg on the Baking Steel Mini




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