Baking Steel Takes KickStarter By Storm

We're so overwhelmed with excitement at how many backers jumped in on the Baking Steel on KickStarter, and helped us fund our project by 1,200% over our goal! That's unbelievable! We're sending out a huge thanks to all the people who helped us get the word out! Many of our supporters emailed and tweeted about the launch and that made a huge difference. There were also some kind things said about us over at Slice on Serious Eats. We knew they would like the Baking Steel, but we were excited to see that they raved about it.

We're thankful for all of our supporters who helped us launch this revolutionary baking product, and we're pumped to see where we go from here!

Of course, now that we've been fully funded, it's time to get down to business turning out our first production run of the Baking Steel. So, over the course of the next few weeks, we'll be able to produce and fulfill the huge number of orders we had, and then we'll be able to start shipping directly from orders on the site. Our goal is to begin shipping the next production run of Baking Steels by mid-October.


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