Baking Steel Pro Package


Sound the alarm - it’s new product alert time!  Obviously I’m a HUGE fan of the Baking Steel - I LOVE it dearly and use it daily.  But one thing I haven’t been able to do in my home oven, is make a LARGE cheese pizza just like this guy.  Until now….introducing the 16-inch, round, 3/8” thick Baking Steel “Pizza Pro.” 

If the idea of more dough, more sauce and more cheese, cooked to pizza perfection sounds as appealing to you as it does to me, than this Baking Steel is for you!  It fits easily on the top rack of just about any home oven and bakes your pie so mind-blowingly awesome, you’ll be hooked for life.  Wondering how you are going to transfer your dough from a 14-inch paddle to a 16-inch steel?  We thought of that too and have created one of the only 16-inch pizza peels on the market. 

With this new, “bigger equipment,” there will be a learning curve - but take your time and do it right!  You’ve got to practice stretching out more dough (425 gram dough balls anyone?) to cover those 16-inches.  It’s not easy, but once you get a feel for it, the results will speak for themselves!  Each slice in your large pie = more bites, more chew, more cheese, and more to love!  

Our 16-inch round Baking Steel Pizza Pro package come with both a 16-inch round steel and a 16-inch cherrywood pizza peel (please see below).  Take a journey to a New York state of mind this summer with our new Baking Steel 16-inch round.  It’s a trip you won’t want to miss!  


We had some fun testing our Pro Package out this week. Making and stretching large 16 inch pizzas definitely will take some practice, you can do it! For the dough, we used our 72 hour pizza dough recipe, except we used 425 gram portions. Believe me, that is a lot of pizza dough. Everything else stayed the same, preheat the Steel for about 1 hour and 5 minutes before the launch switch the oven to broil. We used the broiler for about 75 seconds and then switched the oven back to convection bake. Total cook time was about 5 minutes. The pizza was out of this world good. Here are some pizza shots from our session:


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