Baking Steel Listed in New York Times, Serious Eats & The Kitchn Gift Guides


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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, that means we're already in the middle of the holiday shopping season. Luckily, sites all around the Internet take the guess work out of finding the right items by creating gift guides. We were so pumped up to find the Baking Steel listed in the New York times, Serious Eats and Kitchn gift guides of 2014.

The Baking Steel made the cut! They like us. They really like us. And for that, we love them. Check out the nice things people are saying about us in The New York Times, Serious Eats and Kitchn.

New York Times Gift Guide

"The argument in favor of replacing the stained, reliable pizza stone in your oven, that old friend alongside whom you developed a reliable home-pizza game, with a shiny new sheet of steel? The steel provides superior transfer of heat from cooking surface to pie, resulting in a better, crisper crust, more quickly cooked. We're not going back." - Sam Sifton

The Serious Eats Gift Guide

"I can't tell you the number of baking stones I've cracked my way through in the past. With the Baking Steel—a solid sheet of steel designed to replace a baking stone—that's a thing of the past. Not only will it last forever, but with superior thermal properties it produces the best pizza crusts I've ever seen in a home oven". — Kenji

The Kitchn- 10 Essential Kitchen Tools to Gift Now and Use Forever

"A weighty (haha) replacement for the pizza or baking stone, the steel will never crack and makes a simply superior home-baked pizza."

If you'd like to share some love with your favorite foodie this holiday season, visit the Baking Steel shop.

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