The Baking Steel Griddle


So, we have officially launched the Baking Steel Griddle! We are so pumped up about this thing, it is awesome. So much surface area and the ability to reach such high heat is amazing. 

Yesterday, Andris and I met at Whole Foods and picked up a whole list of ingredients and then headed to the Baking Steel test kitchen. With our Griddle in place, we fired up our gas burners and got to work.

The great thing about the Baking Steel Griddle is that you can still make healthy meals off of it. It's not just for bacon and eggs, breads and toast. Today we seared a nice lean pork tenderloin and served it with a bunch of vegetables, local from our friends at Langwater Farm. We turned the dials on the back burner down a little bit to create some zone cooking on the griddle surface.

From the pork loin, we cooked some bok choy, charred some scallions, seared some cremini mushrooms, caramelized some onions and finished it off with a perfectly fried egg. The Griddle provided us enough space to cook all of this food at the same time, without overcrowding or melding flavors. The end result? You tell me, I'm still drooling.

Pork on the Griddle
Pork on the Griddle

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