A Handley Breakfast Sandwich

A Handley Breakfast Sandwich

Last week we were looking for a little breakfast sandwich inspiration for our Baking Steel Mini giveaway.  We asked for you to give us some ideas to complete a delicious breakfast.  The response from everyone was not normal -  it was just amazing.  Thank you.

The winner of the Baking Steel Mini was Ann Handley, here was her response:

Two perfectly cooked fried eggs seek companionship for cozy living snuggled within the borders of 7 Sprouted Grains toast.
We enjoy the friendship of crunchy, salty, and smooth. In our youth, we confess, we've tried it all... and we are wiser for it. But now we are mature, and we know who we are, and what we want.
We: Seek a tangle of arugula, a mash of avocado, and some quality smoked salmon or thick-cut bacon to ground us. A flourish of sea salt and perhaps a twist of fresh-ground black pepper would complete our family.
You: Are the adventurous type who want to squeeze more out of life. You embrace opportunity where others simply seek substance. You look forward to a meal as it brings another turn at the stove or oven... because every meal is a chance to make the world a little better, brighter, richer, and more Baking Steel delicious.

This is our interpretation of the Ann Handley Breakfast Sandwich.  I hope we did you proud. Congratulations Ann and thanks to everyone for participating...


The Baking Steel Mini breakfast sandwich

A Handley Breakfast Sandwich on the Mini


2 slices of 7 Sprouted Grains Bread, butter and griddled on the Mini

2 slices of bacon, cooked on the Mini

1 avocado, crushed and seasoned with S & P

1 small handful of arugula

1 egg, fried on the Mini

To Assemble

Smear avocado on the bottom slice of bread, top with bacon.  Place fried egg on top, carefully place arugula on top.  Season with S & P. Place second piece of bread on top.  Take a bite.  Enjoy.

Thank you for the inspiration Ann Handley.


bacon on the Mini Griddle
breakfast sandwich
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