A Fun-Guy and a Mushroom Pizza

Funghi Pizza

A funghi (FUN-guy!) made its way in and out of our oven at the Baking Steel Test Kitchen today. OK, enough of the bad food jokes...let's get down to business and talk mushroom pizza. We've done this one before and every time, we're amazed at how the mushrooms can add to the flavor profile of our pie. This time around, we kicked it up a notch and added a whole selection of wild mushrooms to the mix. 

Our broiler method is the way to go, especially with this specific pie. Coat the mushrooms in a little olive oil, salt and pepper, you don't want to cook these ahead of time. Using that dry heat from the broiler gives these funghi a superb cook.

There are hundreds, even thousands of wild mushroom varieties out there. We chose a few of them. Shiitake, oyster and crimini. All of these are fairly accessible, you'll be able to find them at your local grocery store. To get a little funky with your pizza, shave some truffles or sprinkle truffle oil. Grab some matsutake mushrooms. Get crazy, go wild! The mushrooms will add a major earthiness to your pizza.

To recap our choice method for cooking our pizzas, check out our recipe below. Don't forget to snap a photo the next time you get one in the oven, use the #BakingSteel hashtag to share with us!

Prelaunch mushroom pizza
Funghi pizza out of the oven


A Funghi Pizza

(Serves as many as you'll give it too)


1 no knead pizza dough

3 oz taleggio cheese

1 oz fresh mozzarella cheese 

3 oz mixed wild mushrooms, sliced and tossed in olive oil and seasalt

1 ea clove garlic, sliced into chips

olive oil


1. Preheat your oven with your Baking Steel on the top rack for 1 hour

2. As soon as you stretch out pizza dough to a 12 inch cylinder, switch oven to broil.

3. Place dough on peel and distribute fresh mozzarella and taleggio on top. Give a nice dose of olive oil too.

4. Spread your wild mushrooms around the pizza. Don't be afraid to reach the very rim of the crust too. Top with the garlic chips.

5. Launch your pizza towards the back of the steel and let loose. After 60 seconds, open oven and give the pizza a 180 turn

6. Broil for another 1-2 minutes until desired brownness.

7. Remove from oven, take a photo, slice and serve.

Slice and serve mushroom pizza
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