5 Tips for Better Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I would like to introduce my friend, Omar Mamoon. Omar is the owner of Dough & Co, cookie dough company based out of San Francisco. His cookies are out of this world. 

Over the past few years, he has learned a few tips and tricks along the way that'll help take your cookie game to the next level.  Don't have time to make your own? Visit Omar at his website and order a few batches, they are amazing and you can keep them in the freezer until you have that burning cookie desire.  

Enjoy these tips:

1.    Use good ingredients

Whether you use your grandmother’s secret recipe or are a fan of the famed Jacques Torres cookie recipe in the New York Times, each chocolate chip cookie recipe has the same basic ingredients and steps. Once you find your favorite, what really takes the cookie to the next level is using the best ingredients you can find: real butter, quality chocolate (Valhrona and Guittard are both fine choices), and pure vanilla extract are key. The end product will be that much better.

2.    Let dough age

Once you make your dough, you may be tempted to scoop and bake (or just eat the dough raw!). But if you have a little patience and can let your dough rest in the fridge at least overnight, you’ll find that the end product has a much more concentrated cookie flavor. Also, because the dough is colder, it won’t spread as much. Let it age for 72 hours for the best most intense cookie flavor possible.

3.    Use a portioned scoop

This step does two things: firstly, it helps with aesthetics, which are important since we eat with our eyes first. A portioned ice cream scoop (Volrath makes the best) will make your cookies the same uniform, even size. Secondly, and more importantly, a portioned scooper helps ensure even cooking so that all cookies are finished at the same time. If you don’t have a scooper, you can alternatively roll the dough into a log and make even slices.

4.    Bake on a Baking Steel.

The best cookies are soft and chewy on the inside but maintain a crisp and crunchy outside. The Baking Steel achieves this textural contrast perfectly. The steel is a perfect conductor and retainer of heat. Try your recipe on the steel with the same time and temperature directions, and witness the even browning the steel provides firsthand. Admittedly this has been a recent discovery, but once you try, you’ll never go back.

5.    Top with Maldon Sea Salt

Chocolate chip cookies are obviously a    sugary treat, but it’s nice to cut the sweetness and richness from the sugar, butter, and chocolate with a nice crunchy flakey salt like Maldon Sea Salt. Once the cookies come out of the oven, sprinkle a few flakes on top of each cookie to finish. This will allow the salt flakes to stick to the dough but not melt into it, and adds a nice fine touch.

Dough and CO.  cookie dough.  

Dough and CO.  cookie dough.  

Go crazy, sandwich two cookies with ice cream.  You deserve it...

Go crazy, sandwich two cookies with ice cream.  You deserve it...

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