Don’t Throw Away Old Pizza Dough

Today is National Pizza Day! Unfortunately, I just learned this yesterday.  I had to get in the game, but there was one problem-I hadn’t prepared a fresh batch of dough.  I took a peek in my fridge and found a dough that was dated, 1/24/15.  Doing the math, this was a 15 day old pizza dough.  The dough had some nice bubbles and a robust sourdough scent. I’ve made pizza with 10-day old dough and achieved solid results.  But today is National Pizza Day, this dough had to represent, or at least try!  For the toppings, I had plenty of fresh cheeses available.  I decided to go for it!  I put together a white pizza with a trio of cheeses and a dash of heat. The results were nothing short of astonishing! I did have my Baking Steel.  Ok, maybe the dough didn’t spring like a 4 or 5-day old dough, but the flavor was amazing!

I’m not quite ready to host a pizza party with old dough as I still prefer the 4 or 5 day fermentation zone. But lookout family, I will be experimenting for sure!

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Post Bake


1 old pizza dough or try a fresh

2 oz. fresh mozzarella grated

2 oz. aged provolone grated

2 oz. baby fontina grated

1 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes

olive oil

s & p


1. Place Baking Steel on top rack of your oven. Pre-heat to 500 degrees or on full throttle (Preheat 45 minutes-1 hr).

2. Stretch or roll out dough to a 12 inch cylinder, or any shape will do. Lightly flour your peel and place dough on top.

3. Evenly distribute all cheese on top of dough

4. Sprinkle pepper flakes throughout top

5. Launch onto the Baking Steel, bake for 4 minutes, switch to broiler for final 1-2 minutes.

7. Remove pizza from oven

Slice and serve.

oven spring

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