Custom Baking Steels

Please inquire about custom steels to Fresh Chef Craig, by email:

Custom Baking Steel Guidelines:

  • We can cut steels in pretty much any shape you would like.
  • The thickness of our steels range from 1/8"-1/2".
  • The surface of your custom steels can be like our Original Baking Steel or like our polished Baking Steel Griddle surface.
  • At this time, we are not doing custom griddles. Meaning we are not doing custom channel jobs.
  • Minimum order for a custom is $200.
  • We guarantee our sizes within 1/8".
  • All custom Baking Steels are final sale, no refunds or returns.
  • Depending on weight, size, and quantity, some shipments may need to go onto a pallet. Before shipping out, we will discuss with you the best transportation option for your order.
  • We only cut custom orders out about every 4-8 weeks, so if it is something time sensitive, be sure to order early.

If you would like to sell our Baking Steel and/or Baking Steel Griddle in your retail/wholesale stores, please contact Craig at the above email address for all pricing and information.