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Simple Arugula Pizza with a Splash

IMG_2463 In our house, we have pizza night once a week.  Our two young ones while they love to explore, it's hard for them to go beyond traditional cheese pizza.  Considering we are always under the gun for time, we like to keep it simple.  Our typical batch consists of 3 dough's.  My two sons, August and Cooper love to join in on the fun.  These young "chef assistants" generally begin devouring the cheese as it's grated, leaving little if any for their pizza.  For this reason, I always deposit a small stash in the freezer :)  Traditional cheese is always the first pizza out of our oven.  Our second creation is for mom and dad.   In most cases, our go to is this simple arugula pizza with a splash of balsamic.  It's simple and one of our favorites.  Lets give it a whirl...

First our mise en place.

mise en place

All that is required is slicing and caramelizing the onion with a little olive oil and salt.

julien the onion

caramelized onion

Next we take our baby fontina and slice.

For this particular pizza, we used store bought dough from Whole Foods.  I know, I know shame on me.  It's actually quite good if you can get past the stretching.  I tried unsuccessfully to stretch this dough thin, so I made this pizza in two steps.  First, pre-bake the stretched out dough by itself for 2 minutes.  This dough is thick and springs incredibly off the Baking Steel, so you'll want to make sure it cooks all the way through.

pre-baked for 2 minutes then add fontina and onion

Check out this crust!  It has exploded off the Baking Steel.  Next, add your onions and cheese, and throw it under the broiler for another 2 or 3 minutes.

ready for the fontina, arugula and a splash

Now the fun part!  Apply a generous amount of arugula with a splash of balsamic and sea salt.  Slice and enjoy...

- Andris

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arugula and balsamic time.


slice and serve



arugula pizza with a splash

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