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Pizza Peel: The 7 Steps to a Successful Launch

Many are terrified of the dreaded failed launch. We feel your pain. It is the hardest part of the entire pizza making process but once you master it, your days of disastrous launches will be over for good. We are here to help. First things first, you need a pizza peel. There is no way around it. Wood or metal, it is all about personal preference. Also, you need either flour or semolina. We typically use flour but once again, it is all about personal preference.

The 7 Steps to a successful launch:

1. Cover your peel with  flour (or semolina).

2. Once you peel is covered with the flour, lightly knock the side of the peel onto the table or, for less mess, into the sink.  As you can see in the vine, a good amount of flour falls off but the base of the peel is still coated.

3. Place your pizza dough on the peel. Once it is on, holding the handle of your peel, give it a few shakes. Make sure that the dough moves around. This helps prevent the dough from sticking to your peel.

4. Add your pizza toppings. You don't want to wait too long between adding your toppings and launching your pizza. The longer your leave the dough on the peel, the higher the chance it will stick.

5. Shake the peel again, make sure the dough is still moving. This is super important because if you got a little heavy-handed with your toppings, your pizza is considerably heavier than it was before you loaded all of that on.

6. Open the oven door & touch the peel down at the back of the Baking Steel. Again, this step is obvious, but we did want to mention the Baking Steel, so that seemed like the obvious time ;)

7. Give your peel a slight jerk (be gentle). Shuffle the peel out slowly as the pie settles onto your Baking Steel.

Boom. Success.

This accomplishment definitely justifies a few extra celebration slices ;)

If you have any questions, please comment below. We promise to get back to you and help you become a pizza launch pro!

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