From Prince St to Baking St(eel)

Prince Street Pizza on a Baking Steel

We have been fixating over this pizza from Prince St Pizza that Kenji posted a week ago while in NYC. It's just a beautiful looking pie and we kept saying how badly we wanted it. Well instead of driving to NY to get some, we gave it a whirl ourselves. We slapped a much larger version of our 72 hour dough together, about 1300 grams at that (about 5 of our normalize dough balls). Then came our no cook tomato sauce, a serious helping of fresh mozzarella and our favorite fontina cheese. With a little help form this spicy pepperoni, we were on our way to flavor town.

1300g dough

Make sure you give this big dough ball a good amount of time to proof. Knock it down with your hands and spread it out on an olive oil-ed sheet tray and let it sit. After the toppings are on and your oven/ baking steel have been preheated at 500 degrees, throw it in and wait about 11-12 minutes. Remove, and indulge your appetite! Of course, snap a photo for records because once you start, you won't be able to stop eating this one.

Try a variation of this beauty with cheese first and tomato sauce on top! Incredible cook on it every time! What would you do?

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