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Finally, a pizza you can drink through a straw


The last time you bit into a crispy, cheesy, delicious piece of pizza, it's highly unlikely you thought, "This is good and all, but I wish this was served in a shot glass." John at, came up with the "lame-brained idea" (his words not mine) to make liquid pizza and produced something pretty impressive. While his liquefied take on a Neapolitan-style pizza with Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano, looks suspicious, he reports it tasted just like pizza. After stumbling upon John's blog, we just had to share his unique experiment.

On, John catalogs how he made everything from the crust (spelt) to the sauce (tomato water).

"So after many trials, I found that the placing spelt on bottom followed by Prosciutto di Parma gravy, then the Parmesan water followed very gently by the tomato water and topped with basil oil was the way to go. Because of the strong flavors in the Parmesan and prosciutto liquids, I added more of the nuanced tomato water for a better balance."

The whole mixture was topped off with some melted mozzarella, like a gooey garnish. While again, this concoction isn't winning any beauty contests, the concept and thought behind it are a unique and fresh take on pizza making.

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Liquid Pizza. Credit:
Liquid Pizza. Credit:
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