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Best of Baking Steel: Week 21

If you're having a case of the Monday blues, let us cheer you up. This may be my favorite Best of Baking Steel week yet. With pancakes, cookies, scones and can't go wrong. For even more happiness, search the #BakingSteel hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, you won't be disappointed. 

Let the drooling & daydreaming begin....

A picture is worth a thousand words. @Alexandracooks does pancakes on the Baking Steel Griddle, leaving little to the imagination...

Our Culinary Director, @FreshChefCraig, posted this beauty to his Instagram feed earlier this week. Bar pizza tests have been consuming the Baking Steel Test Kitchen lately & we don't hate it....

@irrbloss hits it home with this heavenly looking masterpiece. I'll take a slice, or two...or three.....

Excellent use of the Baking Steel, @pigsonbbq!

Using King Arthur's recipe & her Baking Steel, @kimberleemo nailed these Blueberry Scones. Seriously, how gorgeous are these?!

Last week, we talked about figs over on the Baking Steel blog. Seriously worth a try, you'll be blown away.

Another grill shot. Love this use of the Baking Steel, @kay43026. Nothing like giving those fresh summertime vegetables a little char!

Speechless. Thank you, @hautesurce for sharing another one of your unbelivable Baking Steel pies. 

Last but not's time for dessert. @AndrisLagsdin posted these @doughandco cookies. The Baking Steel gave these egg and nut free cookies a perfect even cook. Soft, gooey, with the perfect crust. 

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