Baking Steel: The Ultimate Smash Burger

The legend Kenji-Lopez Alt covered the technique to maximize flavor by smashing your burger.  First thing that came to mind was using the Baking Steel as the searing plate.  I thought, why don't we try and create the Ultimate Smash Burger on steel.  The technique is quite simple. Place your Baking Steel on the burners (a grill would also do) and get that baby nice and hot.  We're talking at least 500 F.  Open the windows and remove the batteries from the fire alarm, with that much heat and a little fat hitting the steel we are going to create some smoke.  Lucky for me, I had my new Thermador range hood.  The smoke would all get sucked out, the only evidence remaining was well, the pictures.

With a little preparation, you can feed the entire family in less than 10 minutes. Smash burgers will be a permanent fixture on the menu this summer.



Ground Beef - I used 85% lean

Burger Buns - toasted

Red Onion - thinly sliced

American Cheese

Iceburg Lettuce - sliced

Special Sauce - combine ketchup, yellow mustard and mayonaise

S & P


1. Place Baking Steel over 2 burners or grill and pre-heat for 30 minutes

2. Measure and round beef into 2 oz. patties

3. Butter and toast buns ahead, before steel gets too hot.

4. Place round patties onto very hot steel and smash with spatula cook for 1 minute

5. Scrape and flip patty, season with S & P, place cheese on top

6. Smash another patty, cook and place on top of cheese'd patty

7. Remove and top your burger with onion, lettuce.


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