A Meat Lovers Pizza

Baking Steel meat lovers pizza

Hello everyone! We hosted our second to last pizza class of 2015, last night and this one was epic! I love Friday after a pizza class, because we have all sorts of leftover toppings in the fridge along with a surplus of cold fermented dough-ready and waiting for a stretch. With New Year resolutions still a few weeks away, today we decided to indulge our inner caveman and create a meat lovers paradise pizza!

This meat lovers pizza creation is no holds barred! No rules to follow, just open up your fridge and grab whatever toppings are available. Bacon, hamburg, pepperoni and chorizo were the meats available for our creation. Add to that a little tomato sauce and my favorite duo of fresh mozzarella, shredded fontina and a bit of onion....pizza perfection! Celebrate the season, create some love and eat lots of pizza!!

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Meat lovers pizza on a Baking Steel
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